DUI Defense Strategies You Need to Know in a DUI Case

DUI Defense Strategies You Need to Know in a DUI Case

If you face DUI charges, you seem to have no way out because the court has a high level of hearing such cases. There may be many unfavorable situations that seem impossible, but you can beat the DUI charge in various ways to not end up ruining your life. You will need an experienced DUI attorney because DUI charges are almost impossible to defeat by yourself.

That’s because you will get testimony from law enforcement officers and a drunk driver is not suitable for you. A strong DUI defense is needed to counter this opposition, and only a good DUI lawyer can provide the required defense. Therefore, please make sure that the first step you take after being charged by DUI is to contact a lawyer to defend you.

Challenging the Legality of the Traffic Stop

The officer must have a possible reason to stop the vehicle because they can’t just stop any vehicle they want. For this, they must have reasonable doubts about DUI. This may mean that the driver is driving in and out of the lane or driving irregularly. Your lawyer may argue that if you show no apparent signs of causing inconvenience, the officer has no reason to stop you, which means that the entire case may be dismissed.

The Field Sobriety Tests Were Improperly Conducted

After pulling down their suspected drunk drivers, the police officer sometimes asked them to perform a series of tests to determine their coordination level. These tests must follow strict protocols; otherwise, test results may be thrown out. Moreover, these tests are not ironclad proof of poisoning. There may be frustrating circumstances that cause someone to fail these tests; for example, the test surface may be slippery, the light may be insufficient, or the driver may be frightened by the driver. A good DUI attorney will question the results of an on-site sobriety test conducted by an officer and examine the effects.

Challenging the Results of the Breathalyzer Test

Even though a breathalyzer examination results are commonly viewed as indisputable, that is rarely the case. There are numerous ways that an attorney can challenge the effectiveness of a breathalyzer examination. Your attorney can examine the breath analyzer’s effectiveness and whether its analyses are exact or otherwise. They could also make the case that numerous clinical problems can result in a positive outcome when the individual is not intoxicated. Considering that alcohol extracts from 45 mins to 3 hours to be absorbed right into the bloodstream, it is entirely possible that the driver was not impaired while driving and that their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) degree just began to climb while they were come by the officer.

There Are Problems With The Blood Test

In some cases, suspicious drivers may be asked to perform blood tests to determine their poisoning level. A blood test is the most accurate way to determine a person’s BAC, but it is not foolproof. If blood samples are not stored and preserved correctly, they may degrade. The analysis of blood samples must also follow strict regulations and guidelines. If the blood sample is not stored correctly and promptly, or if the test is improperly tested, your lawyer may argue that the result is contaminated and should not be used.

The Very Best Defense is to Hire a Great DUI Attorney

A good defense lawyer will have reasonable doubts about the validity of the collected evidence for you. They may argue that you shouldn’t stop at the beginning or give a good explanation as to why you did not pass any sobriety tests or why your test results were positive. All these technologies can provide a strong defense for your DUI charges. However, you need to hire a lawyer first, so make sure to do so as soon as possible after the DUI accuses you.