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Refereed Publications

22) Probabilistic Cosmological Mass Mapping from Weak Lensing Shear
M. D. Schneider, K. Y. Ng, W. A. Dawson, P. J. Marshall, J. Meyers, D. J. Bard
The Astrophysical Journal, 839, 1 (2017).. arXiv: 1610.06673

21) Cosmic Shear Results from the Deep Lens Survey – II: Full Cosmological Parameter Constraints from Tomography
M. J. Jee, J. A. Tyson, S. Hilbert, M. D. Schneider, S. Schmidt, D. Wittman
The Astrophysical Journal, 824, 77 (2016). arXiv: 1510.03962

20) The Ellipticity Distribution of Ambiguously Blended Objects
W. A. Dawson, M. D. Schneider, J. A. Tyson, M. J. Jee
The Astrophysical Journal, 816, 11 (2015). arXiv: 1406.1506 (2 citations)

19) Hierarchical probabilistic inference of cosmic shear
M. D. Schneider, D. W. Hogg, P. J. Marshall, W. A. Dawson, J. Meyers, D. J. Bard, D. Lang
The Astrophysical Journal, 807, 87 (2015). arXiv: 1411.2608 (5 citations)

18) GREAT3 results I: systematic errors in shear estimation and the impact of real galaxy morphology
R. Mandelbaum, B. Rowe, R. Armstrong et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 450, 3, p.2963-3007 (2015). arXiv: 1412.1825 (13 citations)

17) Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): The halo mass of galaxy groups from maximum-likelihood weak lensing
J. Han, V. R. Eke, C. S. Frenk, R. Mandelbaum, P. Norberg, M. D. Schneider, J. A. Peacock, Y. Jing, I. Baldry, J. Bland-Hawthorn, S. Brough, M. J. I. Brown, J. Loveday
MNRAS (2015). arXiv: 1404.6828 (18 citations)

16) Probing Dark Energy with Lensing Magnification in Photometric Surveys
M. D. Schneider
Physical Review Letters 112, 061301 (2014). arXiv: 1401.0537 (2 citation)

15) On estimating cosmology-dependent covariance matrices
C. Morrison, M. D. Schneider
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 11 (2013) 009. arXiv: 1304.7789 (4 citations)

14) The Effect of Covariance Estimator Error on Cosmological Parameter Constraints
S. Dodelson, M. D. Schneider
Physical Review D, vol. 88, issue 6 (2013). arXiv: 1304.2593 (29 citations)

13) Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): Galaxy radial alignments in GAMA groups
M. D. Schneider, S. Cole, C. S. Frenk, L. Kelvin, R. Mandelbaum, P. Norberg, J. Bland-Hawthorn, S. Brough, S. Driver, A. Hopkins, J. Liske, J. Loveday, A. Robotham
MNRAS, (2013). arXiv: 1306.4963 (16 citations)

12) Cosmic shear results from the Deep Lens Survey – I: Joint constraints on Omega_m and sigma_8 with a two-dimensional analysis
M. J. Jee, J. A. Tyson, M. D. Schneider, D. Wittman, S. Schmidt, S. Hilbert
The Astrophysical Journal, 765, 74 (2013) arXiv: 1210.2732 (54 citations)

11) The shapes and alignments of dark matter halos
M. D. Schneider, C. S. Frenk, S. Cole
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 05 (2012) 030, arXiv: 1111.5616 (26 citations)

10) Foreground predictions for the cosmic microwave background power spectrum from measurements of faint inverted radio sources at 5 GHz
M. D. Schneider, R. H. Becker, W. de Vries, R. L. White
The Astrophysical Journal, 750, 154 (2012), arXiv: 1203.3809

9) Bayesian linking of geosynchronous orbital debris tracks as seen by the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
M. D. Schneider
Advances in Space Research, 49, 4, pp. 655-666, (2012), arXiv: 1111.2556 (7 citations)

8) Fast generation of ensembles of cosmological N-body simulations via mode-resampling
M. D. Schneider, S. Cole, C. S. Frenk, I. Szapudi
The Astrophysical Journal, 737, 11 (2011), arXiv: 1103.2767 (23 citations)

7) The spatial distribution of cold gas in hierarchical galaxy formation models
Han-Seek Kim, C. M. Baugh, A. J. Benson, S. Cole, C. S. Frenk, C. G. Lacey, C. Power, M. Schneider
MNRAS 414, 2367-2385, (2011), arXiv: 1003.0008  (24 citations)

6) Intelligent Design: On the Emulation of Cosmological Simulations
M. D. Schneider, O. Holm, L. Knox
Astrophysical Journal, 728, 137 (2011), arXiv: 1002.1752  (9 citations)

5) Probing local non-Gaussianities within a Bayesian framework
F. Elsner, B. D. Wandelt, M. D. Schneider
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 513, A59, (2010), arXiv: 1002.1713  (9 citations)

4) The impact of intrinsic alignments: Cosmological constraints from a joint analysis of cosmic shear and galaxy survey data
D. Kirk, S. Bridle, M. Schneider
MNRAS 408, 1502-1515, (2010),  arXiv: 1001.3787  (35 citations)

3) A halo model for intrinsic alignments of galaxy ellipticities
M. D. Schneider and S. Bridle
MNRAS 402, 1365-2966, (2010),  arXiv: 0903.3870  (56 citations)

2) Simulations and cosmological inference: A statistical model for power spectra means and covariances
M. D. Schneider, L. Knox, S. Habib, K. Heitmann, D. Higdon, C. Nakhleh
Physical Review D, vol. 78, Issue 6 (2008), arXiv: 0806.1487  (14 citations)

1) Using galaxy two-point correlation functions to determine the redshift distributions of galaxies binned by photometric redshift
M. Schneider, L. Knox, H. Zhan, A. Connolly
Astrophysical Journal, 651, 14 (2006), arXiv: astro-ph/0606098  (50 citations)

Submitted Publications

Non-refereed Papers

4) Blind Detection of Ultra-faint Streaks with a Maximum Likelihood Method
W. A. Dawson, M. D. Schneider, C. Kamath
AMOS conference proceedings (2016)

3)Synthesis of Disparate Optical Imaging Data for Space Domain Awareness
M. D. Schneider, W. A. Dawson
AMOS conference proceedings (2016)

2) Snowmass Computing Frontier: Computing for the Cosmic Frontier, Astrophysics, and Cosmology
A. Connolly, S. Habib, A. Szalay, J. Borrill, G. Fuller, N. Gnedin, K. Heitmann, D. Jacobs, D. Lamb, T. Mezzacappa, B. Messer, S. Myers, B. Nord, P. Nugent, B. O’Shea, P. Ricker, M. Schneider
arXiv: 1311.2841 (2 citations)

1) Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: Dark Energy Science Collaboration
LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration.
arXiv: 1211.0310 (59 citations)